Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Sketch Page

Sketchbook Resistance Assemble!
Its Halloween season, and a any activity is good. Lately scattering my art efforts, I must not forget the Sketchbook Resistance.
Here's a mini sketchbook page with 4 little Halloween drawings. I contributed a couple to Bob Learned's Halloween coloring book effort. I scanned, scaled up, and printed the pumpkin, and the mini-death guy in an effort to return to real inking. Little drawings on the mini sketchbook have value for later art activity. Squeezing art time/purpuse from sketches in order to practice, and share. Multi-purpose your drawings. It is a good and wise use of your time.
So, Resistance members, remember: sketchbook and pencil handy at all times, minutes between life activities (we all experience short wait times frequently - use wisely). Look around and you'll find a quick sketch waiting to happen. There's always something to draw.