Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Those little reminders

I have something very special to share, but first, a confession. I lost my temper yesterday. Those of you who have known me for awhile, know how desperately I want to find a means of maintanace through my creativity. It has been an arduous 7 years. Truthfully had I known that I would still be dreaming, I most likely would have never braved this path. I know I've made progress towards my goal, but still the frustration builds. The day job is killing me. I mean that most literally. I've tried really hard not to moan and complain, no one likes to hear us do that, but I must tell you, sparing details, it is getting hard not too.
{que the band playing "Presure" do do do dd do do}
So yes, back to the loss of my temper and the presious thing I wish to share. It was a particularly difficult day yesterday, filled with the frustrations of a million days just like it, all balled up and festered into a big old boil only my butt. The last thing I wanted was for my poor unsuspecting son to lance it. He did. Not that he did anything I shouldn't have easily passed over, it just caught Dad off guard. I lost it. However briefly, yet vigorously. I have a door jam to repair in my wake. And so here is the precious, special, wonderful thing I need to share with you,
After the dust cleared,this is what James handed me. 

Even though we may at some times LOSE it, always remember that those we love are the ones who help us find it in the end. and if it wasn't for the ones I love I would have given up long ago.
I love you too son.


  1. Incredibly adorable. I'm sure you save these things, but these are the things I love most of what my parents saved for me! His facial expressions are awesome.

  2. Oh for sure! This constitutes a precious treasure. It will be well preserved. Forgot to mention, I have a thing I do with my boys. I hold my hands out with index fingers only centimeters apart, and tell them, "I love you this much, all the way around the world!" helps to clarify James piece a little.