Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chiming in.

This is where I admit I'm typically abysmal at keeping a proper sketchbook. I either end up doing super rough scribbly things that are so far on the visual shorthand spectrum, I often can no longer decipher them after a project is done and I've moved on. OR I end up doing studies.

That said, this is a study for an element in a piece I'm working on currently. In my own backwards/bizarro thought process drawing out this spider at about 7 times the size it will be in the final made perfect sense. At least I like drawing spiders I guess.

Less words, more resistance.


  1. Hey there Warren! Thanks for joining your voice to the resistance! Exquisite arachnid me friend, simpley exquisite.

  2. Hey Sam, thanks! I hope to be able to be a more regular contributor here very shortly. Coming down to the wire on a couple projects that are taking up all my time.