Thursday, March 8, 2012

Loud Politician Campaigns

A silly doodle from the other day. Election primaries are this year, and lately, all these politicians are campaigning by walking alongside their entourages, in our neighborhoods. Sometimes they'll just send their trucks with squads of leaflet distributors. But the one thing that really bugs me, they do this after 6:00pm, sometimes even around 9:00pm. and they play their slogan filled songs, really really loud. So loud you can't even talk inside the house.
I've been to the park, around 6:00pm a few times, and they just drive around the park, and through the streets, at 5mph. You can barely talk or hear anything but their blasted music. So I had my sketchbook, and roughed out something really quick. I worked it up a bit, but the memory of that annoying scene threw me off. This is not an excuse, its the "taste in my ears" that really didn't want me drawing something nicely.
Oh well.. sometimes, you have to draw, even if its ugly. And that's part of the sketchbook's function... to show emotion. Arrrrghghghgh!!!! The resistance kicks butt no matter what.
By the way... these trucks and speakers are way bigger than I drew them.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! I hear ya man, I hear ya. Louder doesn't make better. Resist ther political propaganda and buy a pair of ear plugs! :o)